Where the Tengu Diaries come from ?

I always drew with those school pen, the genuine line of the « #nopencil drawing » is somehow the most easiest way to drain your idea in total liberty. It burst out in a very special moment as explained in the very begining of the book:



My father was a Great tengu,

When i was a kid, he kept on telling me:

« You’ll get it someday”.

Or that he will explain me when I’m older.

I grew up without keys, mad at him when

I was stuck before the padlocks of existence.

He left without a note nor a clue to help me keep on keepin’ on.

I now realise he didn’t have those keys either.

The following rules won’t crack the code for every door,

however, it might help break through some of them.

I made this book so that something will remain from the

nights I spent doodlin’ to scare the ghosts away.

These sketches were made throughout the months following

the death of Marc A. Leveille, cowardly murdered

on the battlefield of life on march 24th 2015.

He was the son of Gerard Leveille

who was killed in the line of duty in WW2,

and grandson of a ww1 hero who also gave

his life for his country.

For all the tengus who have to make it on their own.

Hate is for the weak, Keep it real.

Alexis Bacci